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Wedding Wednesdays: Moira West Photography

Moira West Photography

It is very easy to become consumed by the ideas and decisions of flowers, lighting options, venues, décor, bridesmaid’s dresses, budgets, songs, champagne, food, ties, and schedules for your wedding day. Be careful to not let it take over your life from now until the actual day.

My very clever husband & I came up with the concept of Wedding Wednesdays. It doesn’t necessarily have to take place on a Wednesday, but when it just rolls off the tongue as this does then why not?

Wedding Wednesdays are a designated day of the week to discuss the wedding. You can have it at home or even make a date night out of it. We did our best to make it a date night out whenever we could, so that it was also something to look forward to each week.

The rules of Wedding Wednesdays are:

  1. No other plans can be made with anyone else on this day of the week. Whether it’s over dinner at home or a restaurant, the sole purpose is to do wedding stuff with your fiancé!
  2. No other parties may be invited to Wedding Wednesdays.
  3. Try your best to stick to it and plan around this day, both parties need to be committed to Wedding Wednesdays otherwise it wont work.
  4. Try and have a list of what you need to get through that evening and make a new list of what needs to be done by next week.
  5. Specify on the list; who needs to do what, so that by next Wednesday you each know what you need to have sorted.

I know that you may be horrified that I am suggesting only one day a week! However, this is enough trust me. At least this way you don’t become a drag always talking about wedding stuff, and you can look forward to your date night / Wedding Wednesday where you have each other’s full attention. Try it and let me know what you think!

I hope you had fun reading this post. I sure enjoyed writing it.

Lots of love A xx

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