Honeymoon Travel Tips

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This is me one day! Image source: wealthandluxury.tumblr.com

Just imagine; you step on to the tarmac in Louboutins and a sundress and stroll leisurely to your private jet where the attendant serves you and your handsome new husband some champagne with fresh pineapple and thinly sliced cucumbers for your eyes.  You watch your favorite movie, The Notebook, then take a nap and arrive refreshed at your honeymoon destination.  So we all know it’s not really like this, but we like to fantasize! Hey maybe one day! Instead, for now, the unfortunate reality is you end up dehydrated, with flat-headed hair, blood-shot eyes, a kink in your neck and your R300 mani is now chipped and of course you don’t have the polish to fix it. Getting to your honeymoon destination does not have to be a disaster. These honeymoon travel tips will keep you looking & feeling as fresh & pretty as your wedding day.


If possible, utilize carry-on baggage only and PACK LIGHTLY, especially if you are going to a beach destination. Remember to roll your clothes, not fold them. Rolling your clothing is firstly for saving space in your suitcase, and secondly it prevents them from becoming creased. The main items you need to pack are a few bikinis, a sarong, sandals, nude strappy heels, a couple of dresses, two or three pairs of shorts and a few tops. Oh and a hat! Go-to travel outfits are: Five or six semi dressy dinner outfits, a few daytime casual looks, one beach look meaning daily choice of bikini, and a sarong.


Neck pillow, headphones (‘ear muff’ style headphones can also work as a noise reducer for ultimate silence in a noisy airplane), a playlist to calm you and get you excited for your vacation. Whitening gel (Plus White 5 minute speed whitening gel), or whitening strips, face moisturiser (Nimue Day), eye cream (Nimue Eye Treatment), eye mask (Woolies or Clicks), face mist (Evian face mister), lip balm (DCT or Nimue chapstick), hand cream, plane sox, and a cozy hoodie (can also be warn on those cooler beachy nights). 
Something else you want to remember is low sodium snacks that won’t make you bloat up- like fresh veggies. 
 Always have A BIG bottle of water, and lastly your favorite fashion and gossip magazines (Porter, In Style, Vogue). Make sure to keep your blood flowing during the flight by doing light stretches, wiggling your toes every so often, and standing up and walking around to avoid any stiffness after and during the flight.


Have a neutral colored manicure on your nails, some of my favorites Ballet Slippers, or Topless & Barefoot by Essie, and light pink on the toes like Fiji by Essie. Both look good on sand and will last the duration of your trip. Although it’s tempting to get a fun bright color done for your vacation, the sand and sun will chip and fade it quickly. Keep it looking natural and fresh.


Stop at a local grocery store and stock up on bottled water and snacks so you are not tempted to raid the expensive hotel mini bar. At the hotel it never hurts to ask nicely for the best room possible or an upgrade. Hotels often have many rooms available and the front desk employees sometimes have a little leeway in complimentary upgrading. Immediately hang your dresses and blouses. If you forget, and your favorite top is wrinkled like a raisin, don’t worry I have a tip for this too: shower steam your clothes! Put the shower on hot and hang the garment on the shower, making sure the water is facing away from the garment. Close the shower door and the bathroom door too for five minutes.

So until you get your private jet, we hope that these tips help you enjoy your vacation right from the start. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this post, I sure enjoyed writing it. Save travels! A xx

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